How to start a Blog

starting a blogBlogging has become one of the most used and popular communication outlets. It allows you share ideas, information and spread knowledge to a large number of people. A blog can be customized in a way that suits you and your business.

You can use your blog in different ways, not only for communication purposes. You can actually transform it in an effective selling machine for your products or services.

If you are wondering how to start a blog, let’s discover it together in the next paragraphs.

First Step: choose your preferred niche

A blog requires patience, time, and commitment, as it will not bring you success overnight. It is important to select the niche you are passionate about and knowledgeable. Selecting the right niche will help you stand out from other business owners that sell your same products. The more value you bring, the more your blog posts will be shared on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Social Media are an extremely important medium, as they will drive traffic and provide more audience to your blog. Here’s some advice, just ask yourself what inspires you the most and what your passion is. Once you have answered this question, you have your niche topic.

Next Step: hosting and domain name

Having a domain name is very important because it is the first point of contact for your audience. And your audience will judge your blog based on your domain name. Therefore, it is important to get it right. You can get a domain name and hosting at Siteground, which offers affordable solutions for small and medium sized businesses.

Choosing your Blogging Platform

A blogging platform will help you in the management of content, design, and images. WordPress is the best platform because it is simple, flexible, and reliable. It is the reason why most blogs on the internet are made using it. You can use WordPress to build a blog and customize it with different designs, features, plugins, and layout.

And if you have a basic knowledge of HTML, you can fully adapt it to your needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular tool for creating websites and blogs. You can create any style of website with WordPress. From a simple blog to a full-featured business website to an online store.

You do not need to have previously built a website to use WordPress. There is no need to have any coding or design skills to create a professional website. There are a lot of free WordPress themes to choose: some are free, some others are available for a fee.

How To Get WordPress

You can choose to run your WordPress in a hosted environment, or you can decide to host it in your own server. And once you have access to the administration dashboard, your website can be updated from any location in the world as long as you have internet connection. You can also achieve this action with your smartphone because WordPress is fully compatible with Android phones and iPhones (iOs).

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Advantages of WordPress

The best part about WordPress is that it is free. It is both free to modify and use. So if you are an individual that loves coding, you can explore more and modify WordPress to your taste.

There are other website creation tools like Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly, which don’t give you full access to their property service for free. With WordPress, you can also host your website on any hosting platform or move your site to another hosting with ease.

Create posts & pages with ease

WordPress was originally developed for blogging and has grown to offer much more services, but it still has blogging at the core of this platform. You can create a continuous stream of posts that can be updated easily using a commenting and social media integration system. Also, you can create web pages with contents that permanently remain in your website main menu.

Manage all of your media in one place

WordPress also has inbuilt media library that support different types of file that can be utilized or displayed on a website. From MP4 files to MP3 files, to PDF files, you can easily integrate these files to your WordPress site.


This is the best part of WordPress: plugins are used to unlock the extensible power of WordPress to do anything you can imagine. You can find and download any plugin offered by the WordPress community in the plugin directory.

There are thousands of free plugins you can choose from.


A WordPress theme controls how a website looks and provides the framework that combines widgets, elements, and plugins used on a WordPress site. Themes can be found easily in the WordPress community. Users can get them easily get them by visiting the WordPress Themes Directory to get their preferred look for their websites.

There is also a growing number of websites and web designers that can design a custom WordPress theme for a fee.


Widgets are the building blocks behind a WordPress site. Each themes has widget-ready areas that are small blocks of information usually placed in sidebars or footers of a website. They also offer design elements, structure, and functionalities to your pages.

Next Step: focus on quality content

Once your blog is up and running, content is one of the most important part of your client acquisition strategy. But it needs optimal and continuous attention. You should ensure that your blog articles are interesting, so that your audience will like and share it. Quality content ensure that your blog is getting enough attention.

Final Step: Building Traffic

The more quality content your website has, the more visitors will have an interest to repeatedly visit it. You must focus on traffic only when your blog has some interesting and valuable content.

Once your blog starts pulling traffic, you should then consider to convert it into leads. One of the possible methods, is to push your visitors to subscribe to your email list to ensure that they are constantly informed about your services and discounts.

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