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This course will focus on automating your sales and marketing process. You’ll learn how to implement a consolidated system that helps you to optimize and transform your audience into leads and customers. Every entrepreneur should use in their online business. Follow at your own pace our 18 Video Lessons available for this training: over 2 hours of advice and instructions on how to implement your perfect selling machine. Signup today, you’ll get lifetime access and all future updates for free.

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Sign Up to the “Business on Autopilot” training and learn all the basics to create an effective sales and marketing system, which will help you to bring more customers to your business. In this course, you’ll learn how to design an effective offer, promote it to attract new leads, and transform them into paying and returning customers. By signing up to this training, you’ll have access to the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction

This module is an introduction to the course and its lessons. You’ll have an overview of the system, as well as the reasons why automation is an important aspect in your business strategy.

1 Video Lesson

business on autopilot online course introduction

theory about wealth and passive income

Module 2: Some Theory about Wealth

The ultimate goal of every entrepreneur is achieving wealth. Each of us has a different perception of what wealth is. In this module, we’ll introduce the concepts of passive income, wealth, investing and spending. By learning the mathematical formula of Wealth, you can make an assessment of where you are currently situated in the process for achieving it : this aspect is important for keeping track of your progress while scaling your online business.

1 Video Lesson

Module 3: Setting Up your Mind

Having the right mindset is crucial. Successful people look the world in a different way of ordinary people, and this is the key of their success. That’s why it’s important to learn how to create the right mindset, your goals, and a purpose. By following the lessons in this module, you’ll become aware of how your actions influence your results, and you’ll learn the element that really makes the difference when you put your business in front of your audience.

3 Video Lessons

your mindset in the business

thinking the business autopilot system

Module 4: Thinking the System

What makes a good product? How to find your perfect and loyal customer? How to understand what your potential and existing customers want, and how to find their value during the time? Find the answer to these questions in the lessons contained in this module. As a result, you’ll have a better understanding of what your customers need, and you’ll be introduced to some of the tools that Internet Marketers use to have an advantage over their competitors.

2 Video Lessons

Module 5: Setting up the System

In this module you’ll have an overview of the Autopilot and all the components of your business that you need to review and adapt. In order to put your business on Autopilot, you’ll have to implement the four main pillars of this system. In the video lessons you’ll learn some concepts like leads, leads magnet, landing pages, and you’ll be introduced to some of the most effective tools for automating your marketing machine.

7 Video Lessons

the autopilot explained

getting traffic

Module 6: Getting Traffic

Even if this course isn’t mainly focused on traffic, we’ll discuss together about some effective techniques to get traffic to your offers. Plus, you’ll learn how to optimize your advertising costs and gain lost potential customers through the “secret weapon”, which is most powerful forms of marketing that many Internet Marketers underestimate.

3 Video Lessons

Module 7: Next Steps

In this final module you’ll review the lessons learned from the past videos.

1 Video Lesson

next steps

download training material and free ebook as a bonus

Training Material and Bonus Book

Get access to all the slides of this course in PDF format, and get the ebook Modern Millionaires as a bonus for being our student.

Modern Millionaires is an ebook that shares a simple method that everyone can follow. It will help you to program your mindset to think that impossible is possible, and furthermore, it will be your guide to become a better person in business and life.

Get access to the course to download all the PDF slides of this course and the ebook.


Is it an online course?

This is an online course. It is composed by video lessons, as well as texts and documents for the labs

Does this course have an expiration date?

No. Once you enroll to the course, you’ll have lifetime access. You can follow all the lessons at your own pace

Will I get a certificate of completion?

Not currently.

Do you have more advanced training?

Not currently, but we are preparing new courses and training for more advanced levels.

Is this course up to date?

Yes. We frequently review our trainings. We periodically update our courses with new lessons and information to be aligned to current trends and industry best practices

Will I get access to future updates?

Yes. You’ll have lifetime access to this course and all its future updates (and additions)

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